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I am tweet , kind, honest, well mannered, living in a healthy life style and easy to be with.... <
I am a type of person that loves topoo give satisfaction and happiness to my client,
I am very functional. I enjoy being on the top and bottom. ***** *** 23CM LONG AND STRAIGHT *****STICK WITH HEAD ROSE 23CM*********
(versatile) { I like this} I am very private person i dont tell stories about my sexual experiences or anything that my give bad expression to others. Discretion and privacy are very important to me. All the contacts or info that you will give me is in most private place.... .
  • TS-ISABELA-BAHLS (24 года) (Фото!) познакомится (№4126080)
ID объявления #4126080
Возраст 24
Город lv Rīga
Номер телефона 2561**** Узнать номер
Электронная почта lea***@outlook.com Узнать е-майл
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Добавлено янв. 2020
Просмотров 905